Another Crazy Star Wars Rumor! Plus Did The Stand Movie Find Its Star?

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Could Superman actually face the music for his actions in Man of Steel? The members of Amazing Spider-Man's Secret Six may not be whom you're expecting. A Doctor Who rumor gets an intriguing non-denial. See tons of clips and promos for Gotham, Doctor Who, Defiance and Star Wars: Rebels. Spoilers right now!


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Star Wars

Another day, another Star Wars rumor. Latino Review cites two anonymous sources who say that a major villain from the other movies will be back: Emperor Palpatine. There will be new villains in this series, but Palpatine will be "pulling the strings" of everything, from behind the scenes.

Sure, Palpatine fell down a huge shaft in Return of the Jedi, but we never saw a body. And he had plenty of time to get away. Palpatine won't be played by Ian McDiarmid this time around, and it's not clear yet if he'll look the same as he did in the Original Trilogy. As always with reports from unnamed sources, keep a billion salt shakers on hand. [Latino Review]

Meanwhile, there's an intriguing theory about the source of some of the latest Star Wars rumors, about Daisy Ridley finding Luke's light saber. StarWars7News points out that these rumored storylines sound awful similar to Volume 2 of the Dark Horse Comics series Star Wars: Legacy, which follows the descendent of Han and Leia, Ania Solo.

The folks at StarWars7News write:

Ania's story is of particular interest here, because many of the rumors that we've heard so far sound like they were taken out of pages of this comic. To begin with, Ania Solo begins her story on a backwater planet running a junkyard along with her Mon Calamari friend Sauk, when she discovers a lightsaber. She then learns that she's been marked for death, and she and Sauk escape from an Imperial Knight called Darth Wredd, a cyborg. They then escape the planet and go on a series of adventures that allow them to join forces with a former Imperial Knight named Jao Assam, all while trying to evade Wredd, Empress Marasiah Fel, and other Force-Sensitive Imperials, eventually crossing paths with Cade Skywalker at a crucial point in the story.


More details at the link. [StarWars7News]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This movie filmed some scenes set in Washington, D.C., and there are set photos to prove it. According to one source, these are scenes where Superman visits the U.S. Capitol to face the music. Batman-News says: "Superman will have to answer for what happened at the end of Man of Steel. Half the public blames him for all the death and destruction. If it wasn't for Superman being there, General Zod would have never come to Earth." Photo by Bananadoc. [Batman-News]

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As you probably know, this movie is based on the theories of CalTech professor Kip Thorne, who works on wormholes. Thorne isn't giving any interviews about this movie right now, but his former grad student, Professor Shane Larson, explains why his work could be the basis for a good story:

His work on wormholes ... was notable because they were the first ones to figure out how to mathematically describe one. That is crucial if you want to understand how wormholes might behave, or if you want to know how wormholes might appear so you can look for one in the universe.


More details at the link. [HJ News]

Sinister Six

Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb explicitly says his movie hinted at the frozen head of Norman Osborn "so we can bring him back for the sequel." And Webb explains that the man whom we saw in the shadows at the end of Amazing Spider-Man was originally supposed to be Electro — but then he was revamped into the Gentleman, a wealthy benefactor who brings the Sinister Six together. (He's introduced in a Spider-Man novel.)


Also, Webb talks about the masks and gear that were glimpsed in the end credits of ASM 2, noting that it's not clear if "all those people are going to be in the Sinister Six, or even in the next movie." He clarifies that the mask that a lot of people thought represented Chameleon is actually Mysterio, and the cat-symbol is actually a spear, probably standing in for Kraven the Hunter. [Slashfilm]

Doctor Strange

The casting speculation continues... Mad Men star Jon Hamm denies that he's been approached by Marvel for the role of Stephen Strange. But he will say that Strange is a "cool... cool character." [DigitalSpy]


The Stand

This adaptation of the classic King novel is still going ahead, and Warner Bros. is talking to Matthew McConaughey about playing the role of Randall Flagg, "the personification of evil, a demonic figure who wreaks havoc after a plague kills most of the population." [Deadline]


Doctor Who

Rumors are flying that Jenna Coleman is leaving at the end of this year, probably in the Christmas special. And Peter Capaldi pours cold water on them, without quite denying them:

Well, I'm not looking for a new assistant. I don't know where these rumours have started. I mean I've read that she might be leaving at Christmas but I don't even know if she'll get to Christmas. You've just got to watch and wait and see what happens!


Meanwhile, Coleman actively encourages the rumors:

The truth is … I don't want to tell you the truth because I quite like these rumours. I think it's really interesting because, suddenly, people don't know what's going to happen in the series, people don't have any idea, so this speculation is quite good. People can now watch the show not knowing if I am or not, and that is quite exciting.


For what it's worth, she's popped up in set photos from the season finale, so we do know that she'll make it to Christmas. [Doctor Who News]

In an interview, Capaldi talks about how his Doctor is different: "He's sort of fiercer than Matt [Smith]. But he's not grim; he's actually very funny and passionate. He loves the universe and this job that he has, this freedom to travel through time and space. He's a guy who's passionate about life and art … and he gets impatient with people who don't recognize how fantastic the universe is." [USA Today]


Here's a clip and promo for the next episode, "Into the Dalek". [Blogtor Who]


Levi Meaden has been cast in Syfy's 13-episode mythological TV show as "Kimon, a young scribe who develops a relationship with the heir to the throne of Athens." [Deadline]



Here's another new promo, entitled "Not a City for Nice Guys". [SpoilerTV]

And here's a four-part preview special called The Legend Reborn. [SpoilerTV again]

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Here's a new promo, called "Lick":

Matt Bomer will guest star in one episode of this series, in an as-yet-unspecified role. [EW]


A casting call went out for "Human Freaks of Nature" for this show, which is basically a laundry list of almost every way that a human body can be different than what's considered the norm. [SpoilerTV]

Star Wars: Rebels

Here are three brand new TV spots. [Coming Soon]


Stephen Amell offers an update on the new season's filming, saying episode 50 wrapped with a "scene two years in the making."


According to producer Marc Guggenheim's Twitter, Felicity's mom's name is Donna. [via SpoilerTV]

Here's a brand new set photo. [FommyA on Twitter]

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Here are the synopses of episodes six through eight:

Episode 1.06 - The Garrison Commander

Claire has an unexpected meeting with a British general; Capt. Jack Randall is determined to uncover Claire's secrets.

Episode 1.07 - The Wedding

Claire and Jamie's unfolding marriage causes deeper feelings to arise; Claire finds herself torn between two men in different times.

Episode 1.08 - Both Sides Now

Frank searches for his missing wife; a life-changing opportunity arises for Claire as she attempts to come to terms with her marriage to Jamie.


[via SpoilerTV]

Here are some promotional photos from episode four, "The Gathering."

Lotte Verbeek explains what's next for Geillis:

A lot of has been establishing what goes on between Claire and Geillis and as Claire spends more time [in 1743], she also has to reveal a bit more about herself and in later scenes, you'll see that Geillis too has to show her true colors. Those scenes were particularly interesting to shoot with Caitriona. For the people who know the books, you know what I'm talking about, but for the rest, towards the end, the character of Geillis really does surprise you. She does keep surprising us and even for me, I don't know what's to come [after the first season]. It's been an exciting trip for me.


[Hollywood Reporter]

Vampire Diaries

Here's the first promo for season six, which deals with the Damon-Elena heartbreak, and the ensuing witchy drug problem. [TV Line]

Meanwhile, producer Caroline Dries reassures the upset "Delena" shippers that they won't be separated forever: "I've been getting all of these hate messages like, 'You think you can do a season without Delena? You're crazy,'" Dries says. "The fans have nothing to worry about. We know what we're doing. Nobody's going to abandon any love triangle. Everything will be fine. There will be plenty of Delena goodness for people." Considering it's basically Elena's fault that Damon didn't escape the Other Side (because she insisted on riding shotgun on his suicide mission), I'm not sure whether Delena and "goodness" belong in the same phrase any more. [EW]


Once Upon a Time

Yep, some non-Frozen-related news. We're going to be meeting Belle's mother. Producer Adam Horowitz tells EW, "For the first time, we'll delve into Belle's past pre-the encounter with Rumple." [EW]


Meanwhile, Horowitz also says Hook and Rumple are going to be butting heads again: "Hook and Rumplestiltskin have a very long history that is blood-riddled and difficult that has been put aside for a little while due to circumstance. But now that circumstances have changed, that past history is going to rear its head again." [EW]

Here are some promotional photos of Michael Socha. [SpoilerTV]

Horowitz tweeted the title of episode five of the new season, "Breaking Glass."


Under The Dome

Here are three sneak peeks from tonight's episode, "Red Door":


Early on the season five opener, someone says, "That lighthouse just can't catch a break." Also on the lighthouse tip, one of the biggest concerns about it is insurance liability, because of everything that's happened underneath it. Duke isn't dead, but he's not exactly back to normal. More teasers at the link. [Zap2It]


Z Nation

This Syfy show about zombies will premiere on Sept. 10. [EW]


Here's a sneak peek from this show's second season finale. [SpoilerTV]

And here are some promo photos from the two-hour finale. [SpoilerTV]

Agents of SHIELD

Here's a new promo poster. [Facebook]

And here are some new behind-the-scenes photos, tweeted by MingNa.


This werewolf show is coming back for its second season, and Laura Vandervoort tweeted this behind-the-scenes photo. [SpoilerTV]

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The Returned

Here's the blurb for the second season of this show about people miraculously coming back from the dead: "Weeks after the flooding, in a town now run by the authorities, life goes on. The survivors of the Helping Hand are the only ones who know about the existence of The Returned. Some are willing to do everything they can to find them."


Additional reporting by Ryan Plummer.



Sure, Palpatine fell down a huge shaft in Return of the Jedi, but we never saw a body.

And it's a universe where clones exist.

That said, I really don't like the idea of bringing back an old villain. It lacks originality and it undermine's Anakin's sacrifice.

Palpatine won't be played by Ian McDiarmid this time around, and it's not clear yet if he'll look the same as he did in the Original Trilogy.

He'll be played by Benedict Cumberbatch and named 'Tim'.