Another Foxconn Employee Has Jumped to Their Death Today

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Today, another Foxconn employee leapt to his/her death from a Shenzhen window, despite the safety nets they erected several months ago—something our own Joel Johnson saw himself on his visit there last week. [Reuters]




These jobs are highly sought after, attracting the best and

brightest young people, who have studied hard, looking forward to a

good career and bright future. When they get there, what they

thought would be a perfect life, isn't perfect, and when they

realize that its not going to get any better, they don't know how

to handle it. I fear this is pretty common in the age range of the

workers, no matter where they are, we just hear about Foxconn

because of their high profile products.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, please stay.

Someone loves you and cares about you, even if its just some lady

on the internet. I care, and I am not the only one.