Another Foxconn Worker Kills Himself

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Today, another of Foxconn's workers jumped to his death from a dorm window. The story goes that the 21-year-old jumped (or fell) from his window, just like the eight who died this year. This time, there's (potentially NSFW) photos.UPDATE

I don't have to say that Foxconn is facing an epidemic of social proportions—you've read the undercover report listing the resigned nature of its workers, the long days, the little hope they have of ever having a better life. You've seen the stolen photos of hurried moments inside the factories—the long lines for people queuing outside for a job. You've probably even seen the video of Foxconn guards (allegedly) beating up workers.


Now, one photo of a broken body lying twisted on the pavement, the paramedics standing over, says it all. If you want to see more, there's a video below—but really, I think we know enough by now. This has to change. [Southcn via News163 via MIC Gadget]

Illustration for article titled Another Foxconn Worker Kills Himself

UPDATE: I've removed the video that was previously embedded here, due to the fact that it apparently contains misinformation about the suicide, claiming he wasn't actually a Foxconn employee. Instead, please view these two news reports which are correct.


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Who gives a crap is some weak individuals killed them selves. I have an idea quit get a different job. I know it's China but you can still quit a job that sucks and get a different one. I thought the Chinese were strong proud people, guess not.

All this crap about this being our fault because I buy things made by Foxconn is bullshit, check out a sweat shop and see those conditions but we still wear expensive shoes and nice cloths, give me my stuff I don't care where it comes from and neither does anyone else.