Another PowerBook Mel Gibsons

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Another horror story of a PowerBook meltdown comes to you from a guy who woke up to an apartment full of smoke and a laptop on fire.


Just a warning to everyone: we woke up this morning at 6am because the apartment was filled with smoke and our laptop was on fire. It wasn't plugged in, and it had been put to 'sleep' over night. It's only a year old, so the lesson is: DON'T LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP ON UNATTENDED!


And yes, it looks like it the burnination started from the battery, again.

Apple PowerBook Meltdown [Flickr via Cult of Mac]

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Although I dislike anything Apple, I dislike these battery problems even more. How long before they add laptops to the long list of banned items on aircraft? How about exploding mobile phones, has it happened yet?

I read everything I can about new battery technology in the hope of some huge breakthrough. Instead we are getting huge explosions.

It is a scary thought to have one of these macs and having to place the battery outside in a steel bin overnight in case it catches fire.

I can see a business for fire containing safes where you deposit your laptops and mobile phones for overnight keeping. Crazy stuff.