Anybody Can Sign Up for Project Fi (and Get a Huge Discount on a Nexus Phone)

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Ten months after launch, Google’s own carrier service, Project Fi, is finally ditching invites for everyone in the US. Of course, Fi still only works on newer Nexus devices. But if you’ve ever wanted to give the whole experience a try, now’s the time to indulge your curiosity.


Project Fi is a Google smartphone carrier service that wants to rethink smartphone plans. By creating its own mobile virtual network operator, combining Sprint and T-Mobile coverage maps, Fi theoretically gives the best possible coverage. The clever service is built to switch between networks when signal is the strongest.

The most interesting part about Fi, however, is how it handles data. Instead of paying a flat fee every month and using or losing what you have, Project Fi only charges for what you use at a competitive price of $10 per gigabyte. It’s built-in customer service also means it doesn’t completely suck when you need to get someone on the phone to discuss any problems you might be having. Trust me, I know what it’s like.


In celebration in Fi’s graduation off the invite system, Google’s deeply discounted the Nexus 5x to only $200 if you sign up. That is an insane deal as the 5x is still the phone I find myself going back to over and over again. Even over the pricier Nexus 6P. So if you’re fed up with every other mobile carrier out there and want to try something different, this is your chance.


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$10 per gigabyte!?!?! That’ll make watching videos on-the-go pretty expensive...