APC S20 Power Conditioner With Remote Access and Battery Backup

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Audiophiles are a notoriously antsy bunch, often going to absurd ends to make their audio sound beyond perfect. I would bet that no self-proclaimed audiophile can even think about life without a power conditioner, like the APC S20 from American Power Conversion. (Power conditioner "condition" electricity coming out of the wall to help reduce peaks and valleys in electricity. Often, these naughty bits can bleed over into sensitive audio equipment, causing sound distortion and driving audiophiles mad in the process.)

What makes the S20 so special is that you can connect to it over the Internet, so if something goes wrong with the electricity when you're away from home, you can remotely reboot and monitor the situation. It even has a temperature monitor, not to mention the backup battery. That way, in case you lose power and it suddenly comes on, all your electricity will immediately be conditioned. No, audiophiles aren't insane, but instead very rational people.

Oh, and audiophiles tend to have lots of money to throw around, so the $2,000 price tag shouldn't scare them off.


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