App of the Day: Dead Rising Mobile for iPhone

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There's a zombie horde attacking your iPhone! Thankfully Dead Rising Mobile, the pocket-sized version of the popular console game, gives you plenty of knives, shopping carts, golf clubs and frying pans to help you put them down.

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What is it?

Dead Rising Mobile, iPhone, $5. The most fun you can have smashing zombies on your iPhone, Dead Rising Mobile, like the console versions before it, taps into the lighter side of zombie killing—smashing them with objects that you'd never ordinarily consider weapons (though there are, of course, the requisite butchers knives and chainsaws, too.) The missions and gameplay are pretty straightforward, but they help push you along to find new ways to dispense with the bumbling masses. If you're in trouble, you can shout out to your friends for help via Twitter or Facebook, and if the zombies infect you before your friends make it there you can reanimate as a special zombie in their game.

Who's it good for?

People who like zombies; people who hate zombies; iPhone gamers with an appreciation of the morbid.

Why's it better than alternatives?

Dead Rising is a trusted name in zombie killing entertainment, and they don't drop the ball with the mobile version of the game. And while some games of this ilk can get a bit repetitive, a stream of inventive new zombie-mauling tactics keeps things fresh. And, and!, the next update will be iPad compatible.


How could it be even better?

A slightly less linear track for missions would be nice—part of the appeal of zombies is that you're left to your own devices to figure out what to do. And graphically the game is good, but not great.


You can grab Dead Rising: Mobile in the App Store for $5.

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money spent.

downloading now.

have to go onsite for service call......

oh well.

My Goblin Huntard will wait tonight as zombies get smooshed.