Apparently In-Flight E-Smoking Is Frowned Upon Nearly as Much as Assaulting the Flight Attendant That Tells You To Stop

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Some questions in life are tough. "Why are we here?" Others are much easier: "Should I smoke on a plane?" The answer: No. But you'd be surprised how many people get that wrong!

So, you're sitting at the gate, waiting to taxi out to the runway, dying of thirst, smoking your e-cigarette—then the flight attendant asks you to stow the electronic device for the duration of the flight. Do you: A) Put it away and not smoke for the 95 minutes it takes to get from LAX to Salt Lake City? B) Put it away and protest the unfair practice prohibiting e-cigarette use with customer service once you arrive? Or C) Put it away, pull it out again, throw peanuts and pretzles at the flight attendants in protest of the airline's practice of prohibiting in-flight smoking then open the overhead storage containers while on approach, ignoring commands from the flight crew and generally act like a spoiled child?

If you're 42-year-old Paul Pogos Sefilian from Southwest flight 188 on Monday, the correct (but wrong!) answer is C. For his efforts, Sefilian was arrested by the FBI when the plane landed and charged with interference with a flight crew in U.S. District Court. So, when he goes to prison, will they trade him for e-cigarettes or the real thing? [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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To all you guys talking about how safe e-cigs are because they contain food-grade chemicals, and produce only water plus propylene glycol vapor, etc. I ask: how do you know that that's all there is in the things? Tobacco cigarette manufacturers have added all sorts of weird junk to cigarettes over the years with secret formulas that were only discovered as evidence in court cases. With that sort of history and behavior, what makes you think that e-cig makers are going to be telling the complete truth about what is in the things?

E-cig makers are selling one of the most addictive drugs known to man and its delivery mechanism. Do you really think they care about your health or the health of those around you? All they care about is money, period. They will add anything to those devices/drug mixtures that they think will make it more addictive and more appealing. They are no better than heroin dealers except that they have sufficiently powerful political lobbies to remain just barely legal.

You really gotta be in total denial of reality if you think that those things are safe.