Apple Asteroid Mock-Up

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This mock-up for the Apple 'Asteroid' breakout box designed to work seamlessly with GarageBand—a product which hasn't been announced, just rumorfied—is cute, but fails on two counts. First, it's too busy for an Apple product, despite the inclusion of an iPod-like scroll wheel. Second, it just looks like a little too much functionality for a $130 product from Apple. If these rumors pan out and Apple does release their own breakout box, I bet it will have a minimum of expensive hardware controls when they could just as easily emulate such things in software.

I'm in the market, though, so I'm rooting for this rumor. Not that I couldn't get a FireWire-based audio input today—I'd just like to see what the Apple "twist" is going to be (I hope it's not just, "It's white!").


Apple's Asteroid Breakout Box Part II: Product Details [PowerPage]

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