Apple Banning Protective Screen Film From Stores

Illustration for article titled Apple Banning Protective Screen Film From Stores

According to iLounge, Apple is instituting a ban on all protective screen film products from its online and retail stores starting in May. It's a move that'll take away some of Apple's most popular third-party products. But what for?


Apparently the ban is going to cover both film-only products and cases that incorporate protective screens. It applies to products both decorative and protective across all Apple product lines. And while they didn't give vendors an explicit reason for the move, some have speculated that it's a move by Apple to promote their screen durability claims.

It's certainly not due to lack of popularity. The number one selling iPhone and iPod cases are anti-glare film, and they're the sixth and seventh most popular iPhone and iPod accessories overall.

Of course, these products will still be available through channels outside of the Apple Store, which makes it even more puzzling. If people want a film screen for their iPod or iPhone or Mac, they're going to be able to find it whether it's in the Apple Store or not. And when they do, that's business Apple's missing out on. [iLounge]



Because they're totally useless. They protect your screen from precisely nothing, and in the process they ugly it up with bubbles and blur. They're snake oil.