Apple Considering Unlimited Downloads of iTunes Purchases

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Isn't it irritating how you have to sync a song you've already downloaded on one device to the various other Apple devices you own? Wouldn't it be easier to be able to download the same song, for free, using iTunes? According to Bloomberg, Apple's working on cloud-based download back-ups, with a decision to be reached mid-year between all the various music labels.


Not only would this cut down on the amount of times you have to sync, but you'd also essentially be backing up those iTunes purchases in case your MacBook (for example) got stolen or broken.

Stories of Apple using the cloud to store music, for backing up and streaming-from, have littered the tech channels for over a year now, with talk that MobileMe could also go free and be used for storing photos, video and "other content," according to Bloomberg's sources.

We know Apple will make their move sometime soon. It'd be crazy not to, with so much money being poured into music streaming services such as Spotify. Will they ever launch an unlimited all-you-can-eat download service like Zune Pass? Doubtful, especially since a quality streaming experience would put a tremendous strain on users' data plans and AT&T's already beleaguered network. Which is why multi-downloads of the same track is such a believable alternative. [Bloomberg via BusinessInsider]


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I don't follow this type of thing very closely so I'm not fully understanding it. Why would they need permission from music labels? If you already BOUGHT the song & are simply streaming it to one of your other devices, wouldn't that be the modern day equivalent to buying a CD, playing it on one CD player in your house, then moving it to a player in another room? It's yours, you bought it, you can listen to it on any player you choose.