Apple Counterattacks Lauren With Four New Hodgman Mac/PC Ads

Illustration for article titled Apple Counterattacks Lauren With Four New Hodgman Mac/PC Ads

Apple has fired back, in an unsurprising way, at those new Windows ads we've been hearing so much about lately (you remember Lauren, yes?). The counterattack comes in four new, but familiar, flavors:

"Time Traveler" - During which the PC character goes to the year 2150 to see if PCs have become any less error-prone.

"Stacks" - PC is having trouble finding people's faces in his huge photo stacks, so Mac pimps the new facial recognition software contained in iPhoto. This is an obvious shot across the bow of that cute little girl who showed us how "easy" it was to do photo editing on a PC.

"Legal Copy" - PC wants us to believe he's easy to use, but the lawyers say otherwise.

"Biohazard Suit" - Can you say Conficker?


Apple has obviously decided to respond to Microsoft's "un-commercials" with the tried and true "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" formula, and why the heck not, really. It's ten times better than their catty initial response the other day, and the commercials are, at the very least, incredibly popular.

To be honest, I would have liked to have seen a Lauren cameo or parody of some kind, only because she's actually on my TV right now as I type this. Hi, Lauren. [Apple]



Time Traveler - PCs are already not very error prone unless the user is a complete idiot. Fail, Apple.

Stacks - Windows Live Photo Gallery has facial recognition. Fail, Apple.

Legal Copy - Don't get the point of this one.

Biohazard Suit - Never been infected with a virus in my life.