Apple iPhone SDK Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

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El Jobso wrapped up the iPhone SDK roundup, and it was a doozy. In case you didn't catch all of the announcements from our liveblog, we'll get you up to speed.


Apple Reveals iPhone SDK

iPhone Getting Multitouch Games Including Spore and Super Monkey Ball

AIM Client for iPhone, At Long Last

Apple to Allow VoIP Over WiFi

Push E-mail and Calendars, Activesync and Exchange Support Coming to iPhone

iPhone SDK Available Today for Free, $99 to Publish Your App



Very excited that the SDK has come out, but have any of you been to TUAW? They've come out of the Reality Distortion Field a little faster then the folks at Gizmodo.

1. It doesn't only cost $99 to publish a 3rd party app, you need to pay the $99 dollar charge if you even want to load apps your developing onto your own phone, for hardware debugging. Not a deal breaker, but this surely wasn't mentioned in the press conference.

2. 3rd party apps cannot run in the background! That's right, no multitasking for 3rd party apps on the iPhone. Now, this is getting more serious. Like how long has multitasking been around? Windows 3.11? Ok, so too many open apps will take too much from system resources. But at least give us the option to muck our own phones up, don't treat us at kids/grandmothers.

Now, I'm still very excited about the SDK's possibilities. 70% of profits minus $99 is a VERY nice incentive to code up some apps, with iTunes as a distribution system. No development infrastructure that I've ever seen produced a return like that, once all other expenses were accounted for.

...and I have to say, I've been hearing empty speculation about Apple releasing A2DP/other bluetooth profiles since release. "I think it's coming out at Mac world, with Leopard release, with the SDK,..." The next likely opportunity for A2DP to be released is this June, with the 2.0 firmware. If I don't see an augmented Bluetooth stack by then, I'm going to start looking for a new phone (Sony Xperia/N95 8GB).