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Apple May Have to Stop Selling the iPad in China

Illustration for article titled Apple May Have to Stop Selling the iPad in China

After losing a trade mark lawsuit last year against a Chinese company, Apple may have to pay a fine and stop selling and marketing the iPad in China. An ironic outcome in the Counterfeit Republic of China, if it finally goes through.


Last year, Apple sued a company called Proview Technology Shenzhen. The latter said they had the rights to the iPad name in continental China, even while the company's Hong-Kong branch sold the name to Apple in 2009. Apple lost that lawsuit.

Now, Proview Technology Shenzen is asking "the court to stop selling and marketing for Apple's iPad in China." According to the company's lawyer, Xie Xianghui, they are also demanding "an apology." I like that.


The case is now going to be heard in a Shanghai district court. There's also another lawsuit pending in Beijing for the same reasons, this one asking a for a 240 million yuan ($38 million) fine. [Ecns and China Daily via ismashphone]

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They sold it to Apple, but Apple lost the lawsuit anyways? Does anyone want to elaborate, or maybe fill in some detail I'm missing, or, you know, write the actual story here?