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Apple, Microsoft in Cahoots: Bing to Replace Google as Default iPhone Search Engine?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to BusinessWeek, Apple and Microsoft may be in talks to defenestrate Google as the iPhone's default search engine, in favor of Bing. This Apple-Google battle for the mobile throne is getting heated.

This is all coming from "two people familiar with the matter," so, you know, eat a bowl of salt or whatever, but it sort of makes sense in a Machiavellian kind of way. Windows Mobile 7 notwithstanding, Apple's competition in the mobile arena isn't Microsoft, but Google, and so it's not really that outlandish, especially considering that Bing isn't necessarily a worse search engine than Google. Apple avoids throwing unnecessary support to Google (although the iPhone will still feature Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail) while Microsoft gains a huge market for Bing. Everybody wins, except Google, who only mostly wins.


What do you guys think? If Bing was the default search engine on your phone, would you go through the necessary steps to change it to Google? I have a feeling a lot of people might just not care. [BusinessWeek]