Apple Might Be Buying Tidal for Some Reason

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks to acquire Tidal, also known as Jay-Z’s music streaming service that lets you listen to Kanye’s music a little bit earlier.


The deal isn’t close to being done yet, according to WSJ sources. But if it is completed, Apple would presumably inherit the (supposedly) friendly relationship that Tidal has with Jay-Z’s famous musician friends, including Kanye West and, duh, Beyonce.

It’d also mean that Apple would add another old rapper’s streaming music service (Jay-Z’s Tidal) to the old rapper’s streaming service it already has (Dr. Dre’s Beats Music) integrated into Apple Music. A Tidal spokesperson told the WSJ that the company wasn’t in talks with Apple.

[Wall Street Journal]


I think (read: hope) I see what’s going on here.

Apple is ditching the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 in favor of digital/wireless connections that can provide superior outboard DAC.

Apple buys Tidal and suddenly owns the largest collection of high fidelity, uncompressed music.

I think/hope that Apple is making a push to improve audio quality across the board, and it’s long overdue. Why we’re still streaming 256kbps MP3s in an age of 4k video is honestly mind boggling.