Apple OS X Mountain Lion Gold Master Is Out

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The Gold Master version of Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is now available on the OS X Dev Center. Gold Master versions are the final build that ships to customers, so what we see here will be what you're using later this month when the retail version comes out for $20.


Apple also seeded a new version of 10.7.5, which will likely be released the same day, with updates for folks who don't upgrade to Mountain Lion. We'll have full change logs and updates to what's new in the builds soon. [9to5mac]



All I know is that it better be faster than Lion or I am going back to Snow Leopard. There is no reason why an i7 MB Pro with 8GB of RAM should run like that.

Edit: And that is after I ran disk utility and fixed the disk and the permissions. Before doing that it ran like a Celeron with 512 RAM.