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Apple Patents Suggest You'll Soon Rely On Apps To Get Dressed And Leave The House

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As if some of us aren't already too attached to our iOS devices, Apple seems to be working on ways to add to our addictions: Recent patent applications show that Apple may be creating virtual closet and travel apps.

The virtual closet application sounds like a fashionista's dream:

The Virtual Closet could include a catalog or virtual representation of an actual, physical closet of a user. For example, the Virtual Closet may include images, descriptions, or both of "fashion items" owned by the user. As used herein, the term "fashion item" refers to any article of clothing, accessory, or other suitable item that a person may wear or carry.


The travel-themed app—appropriately dubbed iTravel—on the other hand, appears to focus on all the routine tasks you'll need to take care of on a trip:

As travelers stay in hotels or locations other than their homes, many interactions between the travelers and the hotels could take place. For example, a traveler could interact with a hotel to make a reservation, check-in, order room service, control room settings, use a concierge to identify attractions of interest in the vicinity, purchase entertainment options, check-out, and schedule subsequent aspects of a trip (e.g., order a taxi, reserve a rental car, or check-in to a flight). All of these interactions could require distinct actions from the user from different devices or elements. For example, a user could call to make a reservation, check-in in-person upon reaching the hotel, order entertainment using a menu available from a television screen, and identify attractions from a telephone or through an in-person conversation with a concierge, and check-out by receiving a receipt slipped underneath the user's door.


Both of the applications described in these patents have the potential to be rather useful and to leave you better dressed on your next trip, but of course there's no guarantee that they'll become reality. [Patently Apple; 2]