Apple Removes Wikileaks iPhone App

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Hold up—do you see any boobies here? Anything offensive? All I see is a Wikileaks app which was trying to tell the truth, spreading the leaked confidential cables from US embassies. Why remove it, Apple?


True, Wikileaks is a tad controversial at the moment, no thanks to the ongoing court battle involving its founder Julian Assange and a couple of Swedish girls. Unfortunately, this Wikileaks app was unofficial, and charging $2 per download of the app since it popped up on the App Store on December 17th.

The app description had said: "The Wikileaks app gives instant access to the world's most documented leakage of top secret memos and other confidential government documents." You can now have all of the sensitive WikiLeaks data easily available on your iPhone…"

It's the act of charging for free information when the organization has a non-profit status (and lack of an official app), which could be the reason why Apple chose to remove the Wikileaks app. Or maybe it was too sensitive a subject for Apple, which has been known to shy away from controversial apps. [@Wikileaksapp via iPhonedownloadblog via TechCrunch]



Seriously folks.... why even care,

These leaks are nothing but embarrassing to the US, but that is all... Have you guys actually read some of these leaked documents... they have absolutely nothing to do with any military operations, nothing to do with anyone of the hundreds of spies the US has around the world. The are just cables from the embassies.

The opinion of one Ambassador per country does not speak for the entire US. If anything these cables are only embarrassing to the diplomat who wrote them.

All countries do it, it's not fun to find your dirty laundry being hung out in public, but that's all this is!

The guy to prosecute is the army private who actually stole the cables in the first place, not Assange for posting them!

Assange just used his write to free speech (not the best way i'd say) but none the less it's still his right to post found documents to the public if he chooses to. I mean, he even took the time to encrypt all dangerous information form the cables, this doesn't sound to me like a terrorist. If he wanted to do more damage he could of, but chose not to.

As far as Apple taking down the App, its just good PR, that is all. As soon the buzz on Wikileaks is over, this app will be available again, you'll see.