Navigating Apple’s App Store is... frustrating. Now, a new report suggests that plans are afoot to make it a little easier.

Bloomberg reports that Apple has “a secret team” working on an overhaul for the Store. Those ever-useful “people familiar with the plans” have told it that one of the main changes could be a system where companies pay to have their apps show up higher in searches—like Google does in its general search. If you typed in “cycling,” say, you might be first shown an app by ESPN, Strava or someone else entirely depending on who’d plumped up enough cash. Elsewhere, the 100-strong team is also said to be “trying to improve the way customers browse in the App Store.” It’s completely unclear what that might mean in practice, though it would clearly be very welcome indeed.


It’s worth noting that the work of the team is claimed to be in its nascent stages, so it might be a while before we see any of these changes—if we ever do.


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