The other night, a friend and I happened upon a rather old, beat up photo booth. I love a photo booth. I will never not shell out a few bucks for a strip of pictures, when there's a photo booth near by. So you can imagine my frustration upon seeing the above pictured text on the old, graffitied-over screen.

Windows 2000 (!!!), which apparently it ran on, could not start, because a certain file was missing or corrupt. And in order to fix the damn thing, we would need to start Windows 2000 Setup using the original floppy disk (!?!) It wuddn't gonna happen.


Then—like a gnat whining in my ear, I heard it: There's an app for that. And literally, reader, there was. Photo Booth Classic Plus, the iPhone app that simulates the 3, 2, 1, *flash* of photo booth strip-photography, was there, waiting on my iPhone's second app page, a silent savior. It is a photography app just about as no-frills as the booth we were seated in, which was exactly the point.

The resulting iPhone-generated images look almost as though they'd been taken by the booth itself. Same grungy background, same auto-timed frames. This is why we love these phones.

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