Apple Showtime: One More Post

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Two things, I promised we'd revisit yesterday's best guesses at what Steve Jobs would announce today. We were right!
Kinda. The lowdown, after the jump.


Oh ya, the second thing: I'm totally over...this. No more Apple news for at least 12-hours during this ban. If I have to post anymore Mac news, I'll surely vomit into my overheating Macbook's discolored keyboard. That is all.


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Movie Downloads, 99% percent chance of iTunes hard-launching full-length feature films.
We win, even if this was a no-brainer.


Video Airport Express: 75% chance.
Kind of.

True Video iPod: 50%

iPhone: 25%

Macbook Pro with Core 2 Duo: 25% tomorrow, 80% sometime this month
Burned...but September isn't over, yet.