Apple Store Retail Employees Getting New Shirts, Slogans, Impatient Attitude

IFO AppleStore has info on the new clothing design for Apple Retail employees, who will swap out their current job titles for slightly different ones that represent Apple's iPod and iPhone business more. The "Mac Genius" will become just "Genius," for example, and there will be six different slogans for each guy. We know it's old hat to mock Apple users and Apple Retail for being slightly smarmy and, well, kind of douchey, but these shirt slogans after the jump kind of reinforce the reason why.

* Specialist: "I can talk about this stuff for hours"

* Concierge: "I know people"

* Creative: "All gain, no pain"

* Genius: "Not all heroes wear capes"

* Manager: "My house is yours"

* Back-of-house: "Some artists use a canvas, I use boxes"

[ifoapplestore via TUAW]


Update: A tipster tells us that the above slogans aren't entirely correct. The managers wear "Our place is your place" and the back-of-house is, supposedly, "Some artists use brushes, I use boxes." The idea is the same, but the wording is slightly different. [Thanks tipster!]

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