Apple's latest patent filing revolves around dual-handed touchscreen detection for typing, gesturing, controlling a 3D interface and handwriting. But it this intended for the fabled Apple Tablet, or something entirely different?

Apple Insider says this multitouch interface is designed to recognize specific user hands touching the device (personalized profiles!), and could differentiate between actions such as typing, or hands just resting on the surface. There's also talk of scrollwheel elements for basic OS X control and tactile feedback that wouldn't disrupt movement across the device surface.


Obviously, this seems like a fit for a tablet-based keyboard interface. But maybe it could work as a standalone as well. Many of the functions described revolve mostly around keyboard/tablet like functions, and subsitution gestures for direct object manipulation. And in the patent flowchart, the display seems to be listed as an entirely different component. Then again, it could just be a Red Herring. [Apple Insider via Electronista]

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