Apple Tablet Might Have Decent Graphical Capabilities For Gaming?

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Even though the existence and announcement of the Apple Tablet is pretty much a lock for January 27, we still don't know much about specs or capabilities. But it might do gaming at least decently.


Apple invited our sister site Kotaku to the event as well. Not much, on the surface of things, but because details are so slim about the tablet, small tells give us a sneak peek into what Apple's engineers are planning.


Because the tablet's not a phone, both in terms of computing capability and input mechanics, people are going to be expecting more from its performance. Especially in the gaming realm, which Apple has been pushing hard in their ads for the iPod Touch and iPhone. If the guess that Apple will include iPhone App Store support on the tablet is true, it'll at least enough graphical capability to run those games.

But our guess is that we'll see at least an Nvidia Ion-esque solution (like the Nvidia 9400M found in MacBooks), supposing the whole thing runs with at least as much power as a decently specced netbook.

Who knows though—we could be reading too much into this.


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I think everyones looking a bit too much into this. Being realist here, this thing runs on a battery...enough said. Now all of those things you guys want this tablet to do go straight to crap. If it comes down to having it hooked up all the time what's the point anymore?

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be for basic computing along with apps, some camera abilities, etc. A large ipod touch. You all know this.

And as for everyone who's hoping for Photoshop on this thing...that's just ridiculous. You can quote me on this, but i'm about 100% sure this isn't gonna happen and if it does it's not gonna be as good as a Wacom tablet. Simple paint programs, sure but pen intergration (and you'll want pressure) and full programs (such as PS, Ai, etc). You guys are living in the clouds x.x

If this keeps going I honestly think many of you are gonna be let down when they announce what it can do.