Apple Takes on Google, Microsoft with iWork for iCloud

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Well this makes sense. Apple is trying to make iCloud more useful—a noble pursuit—and is is integrating the service into iWork. The new software suite, iWork for iCloud, works a lot like the old software suite except that everything you do in Pages, Numbers and Keynote happens in a web browser and gets saved in the cloud rather than on your hard drive. The new iWork software also works better with Microsoft Office—a noble effort—and even adds features that improve upon the foreign file formats. Perhaps most impressive is the very fast Keynote app so that you can create and edit presentations and even add animations in the browser and access the files on the go. It even works on Windows and Chrome—noble, noble, noble.

This is obviously all an underhanded swipe at Google and Microsoft, who've been owning the work software suites. If iCloud can manage not to be all buggy as always, it could be a big move for Apple in this space. The new iWork is available starting today and will be available to everyone later in the year.

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Lana, Lana,...LANAAAAAA!!!

It may be my imagination, but a ton of the functionality/software aspects in today's announcement are playing a lot of catch-up.