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Apple Television Set Confirmed By Foxconn Boss

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hell? Frozen! The fabled Apple television set has been confirmed by Foxconn's bossman Terry Gou. According to Gou, Foxconn is getting ready for the manufacturing of Apple's television. What would this magical device be?

Here's the shopping list:

• High definition (to be called Retina Display for sure).
• Aluminum construction.
• Siri controls (good luck!)
• FaceTime video calling.


According to Gou, Foxconn—who is the main manufacturer of all Apple products—has joined forces with Japan's Sharp in preparation to make this device. Gou, however, says that development and manufacturing has not started yet.

I don't know how he is saying that when he is saying that development has not started yet at the same time. I guess he got a voice message from Tim saying "Hey Terry, whatup pal, we are thinking about doing that Apple television thing for reals? Are you in?" [China Daily via BGR]