Apple To Release $1,500 Ultra-Portable in January, Says CNBC

You know MacWorld is here when Apple rumors start to hit CNBC: According to a report by Jim Goldman, Apple will launch a ultra-portable sub-notebook in San Francisco this January. Citing sources "close to manufacturing, "Goldman says it will be 0.5-inch thick—half a current MacBook Pro— and use a flash-based solid state drive instead of a regular hard drive. Still conscious? He says it will be available for $1,500 with a 12-inch screen, although AppleInsider stands by their 13.3-inch display story, which is in line with previous LED-backlit screen rumors. [CNBC via AppleInsider]

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(It's not this lappie, but hey, we're free to dream.)



I'm fairly interested in getting a laptop with no internal optical, since I can find high quality externals and not worry about that part breaking inside my computer. I have an external display that would go oh so nicely with one of these, and the longer battery life this thing would have would make my macbook the hand-me-down kit in an instant. Gimme....dammit gimme!