Apple Watch's OS Update Is Coming September 16

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Apple kicked off its iPhone event by diving straight into the Apple Watch. Although they didn’t have much to say aside from what was already revealed at WWDC in June, we will be getting some new colors options and, more importantly, a firm date for the Watch OS 2 update—September 16.


Aside from getting new software features that will make the Apple Watch way better, you’re also getting a lot more options. Now, the sport collection (aka The Cheapest One) will come with a Gold and Rose Gold option. Also, a red band, which was leaked only hours before the “Hey Siri” event, will be another color option that will benefit Aids research.

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Watch OS 2 will bring third-party complications, native apps running on the watch (meaning it’ll be much faster), activation lock, and FaceTime audio among many other features on September 16.





What is that thingy on your wrist?

Oh, it is an Apple Watch.

Cool, can I see it. Hey what is that thingy there?

Oh, that, it is a complication.

Hmm, why not get rid of it if it is a complication?

No, no, it is a watch complication, which is a good thing.

How is that good?

Well you see complications make a watch more expensive and desirable.

Huh, why?

In traditional watchmaking complications are additional features added to the watch which makes it more difficult to make and shows a higher level of achievement in watchmaking.

Ok, I think I get it. So that complication means your watch was more difficult to make and is worth more?

Ummm, no, it is just called a complication.

Oh... Hey, what is that thingy there.

Oh that, that is a third-party complication.


Well, you see... In traditional watchmaking.... Ummmm.... Never mind.... It’s just complicated....