Apple Yanks Another Popular App from iTunes, This Time Box Office

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Last week, Apple quietly stopped distributing NetShare, put it back up, and now appears to have pulled it again. But what could we expect? It was a piece of software allowing users to transform their iPhones into Wi-Fi hotspots.


This weekend, however, with no notice to the developer or reasonable explanation, Apple has pulled the popular free movie finder app Box Office from the App Store. But unlike Netshare, no one has any idea why the software is no longer in distribution...making the developer quite verbal in their own frustration:

Apple pulled the app yesterday without giving me any notification that they were doing it, or what their justification was for removing it.

I've tried to contact them about the issue, but it's been a complete dead end. If anyone has a useful contact number for Apple, please let me know.

I'm in regular contact with all my data providers, and none of them have had an issue with my app. Indeed, the response was the exact opposite. They like my app and have even asked if i would do custom application work for them in the future. Furthermore, all the data I use is licensed by the owners as 'free for non commercial use'. i.e. precisely what Box Office is.

So I'm stuck here not knowing what has happened, or what i can do about it.

There must be something going on under the surface-an undiscovered security flaw, maybe. Because Box Office is not only an app playing by the rules, it's a popular app that's the best in its genre. [Mac Forums via bbGadgets]



This pretty much puts a big friggin' hole in this walled garden application store thing. It's convenient, and sounds nice, but I'd rather risk screwing my hardware with a completely open pool of applications like I can with full-desktop OS X than have apps that I've been considering but haven't jumped on yet suddenly disappear from the *only* app store for the device.