NetShare iPhone Connection Sharing App Back Up

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The NetShare App is back up on the iTunes App Store, only about 13 hours after it was unceremoniously pulled and replaced with a "not available in the US Store" message. What's the deal here? Was it approved, then unapproved, then approved again? Oddness. [App Store - Thanks Brenden!]




I suppose they call it unlimited because it would be nearly impossible to consume 5GB of data (this is the limit I believe) on just your iPhone. Kinda like an all you can eat buffet. No one can eat an unlimited amount of food.

On the tethering plans though, ATT includes the 5GB cap in the description of the service because it would be easy to consume 5GB of data while tethering to your laptop.

What I don't understand is why the limits are the same for both the tethering and regular data plan. You pay twice as much so you can access the internet on a laptop, but you don't get any more data?