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Apple's Home Sharing Is Back in the Latest Beta of iOS

Illustration for article titled Apples Home Sharing Is Back in the Latest Beta of iOS

Apple upset a significant portion of its user base (case in point: the excellent email below) when it disabled Home Sharing for iOS devices in iOS 8.4. Thankfully, it looks like things will turn around by the time iOS 9 publicly launches.


In the latest public beta of iOS 9, Home Sharing has been re-enabled for iOS devices. The reinstatement isn’t really a surprise — Apple VP Eddy Cue had publicly promised to bring back the feature before; most likely, it was disabled while Apple hashed out an agreement with music labels.


There’s precious little else new in iOS 9, save for a cool new Handoff UI feature that appears at the bottom of the app switcher.

[Apple Insider]

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Calling the Scottish guy British probably pushed him over the edge.

as for home sharing, I never really used it that much, but iOS 9 probably isn't going to be available on 4S users, so fuck them, right? Upgrade your shit if you want the features you used to have back.