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Apple's iPad Event Is October 16th: "It's Been Way Too Long"

Illustration for article titled Apples iPad Event Is October 16th: Its Been Way Too Long

As predicted last week, Apple will officially reveal the next iPads to the world on October 16th. Invitations have just been sent out, with Apple's tradition of a coy, hint-y tagline. This time: "It's been way too long."


That's true in the calendar sense, perhaps—it's been just under a year since the last iPad event. But more importantly, could Apple be hinting at bigger, more sweeping changes coming on the 16th? We've heard rumors that the newest iPads will pack some cool new features, like a new jumbo-sized 12.9" model, the fingerprint-sensing Touch ID from the iPhone, and perhaps a super-skinny redesign for the iPad Air. But the event is said to include updates to other Apple products that have gotten kinda long in the tooth, like new Retina and 5K HD displays for the iMac.

Whatever transpires, we'll know for sure next Thursday.

Image: 9to5Mac

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"its been way too long" might refer to ipods too.

or male-enhancement pills.