Today was a banner day for new Apple goodness. We got a thinner, lighter, iPad—the iPad Air—as well as a new retina display iPad mini, new Haswell chip-packed MacBook Pros, and a deeper look at the new Mac Pros. Do you feel like you need a cheat sheet to keep track? We've got just the thing:

iPad Air: Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Svelte New Tablet

Apple just announced iPad Air, the fifth in its line of (nearly) 10-inch tablets. Last year, Apple's big-boy got a perfunctory upgrade, but this year the iPad adds a new super skinny design with batch of significant improvements that'll carry the iPad through the next year. Here's what you need to know. [More]

The New iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know

There's a brand new iPad mini. Apple just announced the next generation iPad mini and it finally has a screen worth staring at. The iPad mini now has a Retina display that'll make everything on the 7.9-inch screen look astonishingly clear. Along with the new fantastic screen, Apple has also sped up the internal chips while keeping it all inside the same light and thin body of the original. However, it does cost a lot more. [More]

How the iPad Air Stacks Up to the Tablet Market's Top Dogs

The newer, shinier, and freshly named iPad Air is finally here—and goddamn is it thin. But while super-skinny is nice and all, it doesn't necessarily make for a better device (nor was the now-old iPad big-boned by any means). So let's take a look at how the iPad Air compares to its toughest competition. [More]

How the Retina iPad Mini Measures Up to the Competition

Retina has finally hit the iPad mini, meaning at least resolution-wise, this little guy's packing a punch. And even though the 7-inch tablet market is not necessarily a crowded field, the competition that is there is running a tight race. Let's take a look at how the iPad mini's specs measure up to the rest. [More]

Apple's New Mac Pro Could Be Your Ultimate Workstation

Apple's pulling out all the stops on its venerable Mac Pro line. This years edition offers more computing power than the entirety of some developing countries. Here's what's in store for Apple's power users in 2013. [More]

The New 2013 MacBook Pro Gets a Significant Spec Bump

Apple has announced today that its flagship MacBook Pro models will be receiving a slew of modest improvements. Here's what's the new 13 and 15 inch machines will have under their hoods. [More]

How Intel Guts Help Shape the New MacBook Pro

As expected, Apple updated its new MacBook Pros with Intel's kickass Haswell processor. What does that mean? Better battery life and killer integrated graphics, for starters. [More]

OS X Mavericks Is Here Today and It's Free!

When Apple introduced the latest version of OS X back in June, it did so with little bombast. Mavericks, as it's called, is no iOS 7 in terms of radical overhauls, but it is full of subtle however powerful behind-the-scenes changes. And the best part about it? It's free, and it's available right now. [More]

How to Upgrade to Mavericks Right Now

Apple broke the mold a little bit on Tuesday morning not only by introducing the latest version of OS X for free but also making it available immediately. To upgrade now, click here. Pretty much any machine made after 2007 is compatible, but you'll need to be running Snow Leopard or later. [More]

iLife and iWork: Better, But More Importantly Free

Along with the flurry of hardware updates, Apple announced substantial upgrades to iLife and iWork. Features run the gamut from seamless integration with iOS to powerful automation tricks like a robotic drummer. And like OS X Mavericks, everything is available immediately. [More]

Apple's Old iPad Mini Is Now Down to $300

Along with the announcement of a new iPad mini with a Retina display, Apple dropped the price of the original iPad mini down to just $300. That's still not a great deal for a device with low-quality screen compared to, say, the Nexus 7 but it's better than it used to be. [More]

Today's Apple iPad Event in 12 GIFs

Today, Apple presented to the world its new iPad Air and iPad mini, along with details about OS X Mavericks, updated MacBook Pros, and the Mac Pro. But why waste breath talking about all that when we can just enjoy it in series endless loops instead? [More]