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Apple's iPhone Event Will Be Sept 9th (And We'll Be There)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apple has just sent out its invitations to an event on September 9th. You can expect at least one iPhone, and possibly an iWatch as well. And hey... we'll be there!

As always happens in the last week or so before a new iPhone announcement, rumors abound! What seems beyond a doubt is that we'll see a 4.7-inch iPhone that looks very similar to the iPhone 5S, just, you know, bigger. Where things get a little hazier? The possibility of an even larger model, rumored to have been in the works for years now, and the Apple iWatch, which was recently tipped as making its debut at the event.


While in the past Apple invites have included adorable clues about what to expect, this year's version leaves things at a simple "Wish we could say more." Which could mean a focus on Siri, but is more likely just garden-variety coyness.

We'll be covering the event live for the first time since 2009. In the meantime, you can get fully caught up on our iPhone and iWatch rumor roundups.