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Apple's Long and Storied History of Not Buying Big Companies

Illustration for article titled Apples Long and Storied History of Not Buying Big Companies

There was some fluffernut on the internet yesterday, over at BGR, that said Apple may be interested in buying Barnes & Noble. Which they won't, any more than you'll buy your neighbor's Chrysler Sebring. Technologizer saves us with some perspective.


Just how many companies has Apple been rumored to buy over the years, and how many have they actually acquired? Well, lots and few, sure. But the magnitude of the deals are also worth a chuckle: Universal Music. Nintendo. Adobe. Yahoo. And many, many more, 14 in all worth highlighting.

It's well worth a read if you ever find yourself overly giddy or appalled at the prospect of a big Apple purchase—as we all are from time to time. [Technologizer]


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Off-topic: Please forgive me for asking, but I figured someone would know this for sure and answer really quick, but you can connect your laptop to the 27-in iMac and use it as a display for your computer right? I want a desktop for the house, and I am thinking about either a Mac Mini and the new 27-in LED Display or buying an iMac by itself and using my late Early 2011 Thunderbolt equipped MBP. Thanks.