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Apple's Son-of-a-Newton Might Be Asus Tablet PC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jesus told you that a MacBook touch might be coming and Matt Buchanan just showed you a new mock-up. Now CNet Crave UK has an inside scoop that Eee PC maker—and MacBook contract manufacturer—Asus will one day deliver an Apple tablet.


According to the story:

Apple Tablet will not be based on existing Asus designs such as the R1 [top]. It will come from a completely new blueprint, possibly based on the patent Apple filed back in May 2005 [bottom]. We're guessing it'll be based on Intel Core architecture, a tweaked version of Leopard, and have all the multi-touch, CoverFlow goodness we've seen in the iPhone and iPod touch.


Apple, if you're listening, Jesus wants WiMax, too.

There, every answer you'll ever want to know ever—all that's left is a name: CNet's calling it an "Apple Tablet PC," Factory Joe called it "iPad," we were saying "MacBook touch" but damn if that doesn't just look silly. What do you want to call it? (Note: Son-of-a-Newton is already taken.) [CNet Crave UK]