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Apple's WWDC Will Kick Off June 2 in San Francisco

Illustration for article titled Apples WWDC Will Kick Off June 2 in San Francisco

There are still plenty of questions about what Apple will unveil at WWDC this year, but at least we know when it will: The company announced today that its Worldwide Developer Conference will take place June 2 to June 6 this year, at San Francisco's Moscone West.


More details are coming—but in the meantime it's open season for speculation, so let us know your hunches for what's coming this year in the comments below.

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Organized Chaos

According to the design of this invite, I'd say they are returning their mobile device screens to super low-resolution.

Jony Ive - "Screw Retina. We want you to SEE the pixels, FEEL their beauty."