Arantix Carbon Mesh Bike From Delta 7: Light, Sturdy, Shrapnel-Resistant? (Video)

Delta 7's Arantix bike frame is see-through and weighs just 2.75lbs but is so strong there's no rider weight limit. It's made of Isotruss, a material consisting of carbon fiber strands bent into a wide mesh to emulate the sturdy geometry of steel truss structures. That tech ain't cheap: Expect to pay $7,000 when it ships next spring (frame only—the other parts will run you $4K more). We are a little creeped out, though. If it's all about sports, why this talk about how well it withstands shrapnel hits? When we asked about military applications, one of the Delta 7 dudes said, simply, "Rapid deployment." Kinda alters the significance of "light artillery."–Video by Richard Blakeley [Delta 7 Sports]


Its 2.75lbs for the frame and that is really not that impressive, what is probably most impressive is the strength to weight ratio. Its 2.75lbs but can handle a giant load. The problem for them is that unless you represent a giant load and therefore have other issues to deal with like having your heart give out while throwing your leg over this bike, then you really don't need this frame.

For reference several companies have shipped sub 2.5lb frames, from memory, voodoo had an Easton scandium based frame that clocked in at 2.2lbs. Cannondale used to have a program where you could get a bare frame once a year and those frames generally were under 3lbs on my scale, and I never managed to break one of those either.