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We've seen exploding batteries and laptops on fire, but this has us scratching our heads. Reader Tommy sent us an intriguing note this morning along with a group of pictures of his destroyed Archos AV400 PMP, which looked like it had been possessed by demons.

Hi Gizmodo.
I thought I would send this to you because I can't seem to find an explanation. Enclosed are pictures of my ARCHOS pmp. I walked into my office one morning to find it split open as if it had exploded from within. There are no signs of an internal fire or anything that suggests the cause. It just looks as if a tiny gremlin escaped from the center of the device using Hulk-like brute force. Do you have any idea what could cause this???


Take a look at this gallery of gruesome, closeup shots of the mayhem that ensued when that little bugger fought his way out of the Archos AV400. So how about it, commenters? WTF happened here? We're stumped.