Archos 504 PMP Details Officially Revealed: 160GB Hard Drive For The Win

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We've been talking up the Archos 504 portable media player since the summertime, but now it looks like Archos is finally ready to start shipping the thing. What's also nice is that some hard facts have been released by Archos, the most interesting of which is that it has the most storage space of any portable media player. Available in 80GB and 160GB sizes, the 504 has enough space to store 450 movies if you so desire. It'll play most of the digital media formats out there, save for iTunes downloaded music, but you probably guessed that already.

The 504 doesn't come cheaply, however, with the 160GB model coming in at nearly $890. Plus, expect to spend another $130 if you want the fancy dock that lets you record from external sources. Look for it soon.


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