Archos 504 PMP is Really Pretty, Slim and Available

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

In his demo video you'll see after the jump, you'll notice that this European dude has a lot to learn about video-making (this is a close-up medium, man!), but he does finally end up giving us some tight shots of the Archos 504 PMP's 4.3-inch widescreen in action. Notice in the video how small the player is, whose dimensions are not adequately presented in their proper context in the company's official product photography.


We mentioned yesterday that the $600 player is officially available today, and its largest-yet 160GB capacity can store 450 movies in just about every imaginable format, including our personal favorite, DivX. We simply must get our hands on one of these players, letting you know firsthand whether it's worth the trouble.


Jump for the video; it's weird but revealing.

This video's poster frame is so butt-ugly we couldn't bear to have it on our front page, but it's worth your time to shuttle forward to see the tight shots.

Product Page [Archos, via]

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$600 dollars are you serious.. Dude i'm just going to put youtube videos on it-

That's just crazy.. Dude I already have to buy a PS3 $600 dollars and don't even mention the Games-($59 or 69 dollars- need at least two games on launch- about $128+ extra controller-49.99 ouch. I mean who can really live with just one controller.)

Nevermind the 1080p Flat panel HDTV I need to enjoy the system (yes I know I waited a long time to get the TV but I thought by now it would be real cheap- still $1500 if you want a good one) and then of course wall mount $250.

Also what flat panel can really shine with out a decent sound system $1500 plus subwofer $399 -ok might have to cut sound it's just getting crazy.

A Zune - $250 just pre-ordered one of those and had to get one for My brother for christmas.. Dam and I totally forgot about the Blackberry ( which is already on my Nov. statement- thanks visa ) I just bought a few weeks ago -$249 + Bluetooh headset BlueAnt X3 $47.68..

OMG!!! thats like - $5225 dollars, but can you really put a price on living happy.

And- How I will explain to my girl she got cut out of christmas because of rising entertainment cost... LOL -oh that's going to be interesting- wish me luck.

On the bright side after the break-up I will have more time to finish Resistance of Man & Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3