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Officially announced tomorrow, the Archos 504 personal video player/recorder is the first player to contain 160GB of storage. Available in 40, 80 and 160GB sizes, the Archos 504s have a 4.3-inch screen, play back MPEG4/WMV/protected WMV/H.264/MPEG2/VOB video files, and MP3/WMA/protected WMA/WAV audio files.


You can even use them as a DVR—similar to the other Archos players—if you buy the separate DVR Station, which records in MPEG4 SP at 640x480 @ 30FPS. The 160GB version isn't a bad deal at $599.99, if you're going to be using it as your sole DVR and video/audio player.

p.s. Nobody's ever been that excited to get an Archos.

Product Page [Archos]

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