Archos' Latest Touch Tablet, the Archos9, Runs Windows 7

Illustration for article titled Archos' Latest Touch Tablet, the Archos9, Runs Windows 7

Although we have yet to hear anything about an Android MID from their event today, Archos has announced the Archos9—a UMPC that runs Windows 7.


Unlike its predecessors, which are basic touchscreen internet media tablets, the Archos9 is a touch tablet that can run a full computer OS. It also features a built-in webcam, 120GB hard drive, full touch support, an external mic, streo speakers, and a toggled-on optical trackpad and an on-screen keyboard, and will be available in Europe this October—around the same time as Windows 7's release—for €450 ($635).

Not far behind the quiet April release of the Archos 2, the Archos 3 has made an appearance on Archo's web site. Looking slim and shiny, the Archos 3 is an 8GB MP3 player, which touts a 3-inch color touchscreen, 14 hours of battery life, and supports photo, audio and video playback, voice recording and more. There is no word on pricing and availability as of now. [Archos via CNet and UMPC]


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