Archos Event Invitation Unsubtly Hints at Rumored Android MID

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On its own, it's a stretch: the invite is green and vaguely Android-y, and there's a faint rectangular device in the background, therefore Archos must be working on an Android MID! Right? Well, they are.

Or, at least that's what Texas Instruments, the guys who are apparently making a good portion of the device's guts, told everyone back in February. A recap of the MID, which is said to have voice capabilities:

What is known is that the device will have a five-inch screen, support HD playback, have a 10mm thickness and support Flash


Flash support stands out as a bit curious, but recent rumors about flash support in leaked builds of Android could explain that away. In any case, we don't have long to wait: the event is scheduled for June 11th. [Slashgear via Pocketables via Android Community]

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Archos makes good products on paper, but when you get your hands on one, man, what a piece of crap.

Spec wise, it's lovely. But they really need to work on the component quality. I mean, LCDs with dead pixels? Sure it's a "high res" WVGA (800x480) screen, but still - do all the other 800x480 screen devices on the same row have dead pixels in 4 out of 5 units?

Software's another issue - if they concentrated more on making it good rather than locking it down a la the Sony PSP... (There were several updates that keyed the hardware to the hard drive, so it's no irreplacable except by Archos, and forget about upgrading it yourself and other crap...).

It'll probably be the best android phone out there in the world, if it doesn't fall apart if you look at it wrong, or have dead pixels, or a battery that'll work and then die...