Archos Teases New Product (That We Hope is More than a Red Curtain)

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Archos used to (and to some extent still does) represent the biggest, baddest personal media players on the block. I mean, they weren't just PMPs. They were DVRs, too, and featured massive screens. In a way, Archos never let us down. We just realized that if we were carrying around that much extra gear, it needed to do more than be another device to watch a movie on (even with add-ons like GPS). In any case, we're pretty intrigued over this new banner on Archos' site with the simple tease "Coming up soon..." If we're reading the hint correctly, we can expect a new product any day now. And we're looking forward to it. [archos via DAPreview]



The Archos is the great also ran, they had it all, Before the Video

iPod, A real web browser, big screen, wi fi, and best of all, play

back of almost all video, mp4, dvix, h.264, avi, everything, until you

got one Home, and discovered everything requires a plug in, from $20

to $30 dollars US, and if anything happens to your archos, well just

like a life time tivo subscription, your apps are Locked to the

device, none transferable, so you get the joy of buying them all over

again, oh and lest we forget, their great customer service, NOT! and

yes the archos will work as a DVR, after you buy the $99 Dollar Dock,

the same price of a stand alone dvd recorder in the US, So when that

curtain lift's, look for a second one, with a list of plug in and

attachment's for it to work as advertised.