Are Kids Really Using These New Ridiculous Sexting Phrases?

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I love it when old people try to understand the inner workings of the teenage brain. Like if they think hard enough they'll figure out why little Amanda sneaks out at night. Please. Kids are kids! So parents, just understand that you'll never understand the advanced and possibly unreal sexting terminology of your kids.

This is from the London Free Press so maybe there's a little bit of a lost in translation moment going on (you know, translating English to English is tough!) but these acronyms are so impossibly unreal I cannot believe kids would use this sort of secret language to talk about sexting. But then again, I'm not a kid anymore! Were we all this weird and out of touch with reality when we were young? P911! No wait. GYPO IWSN! 8?


Here are the 10 codes parents should know according to the London Free Press.

1. CD9 – code 9 parents are around
2. P911 – parent alert
3. PIR – parent in room
4. 8 – oral sex (or ate)
5. GYPO – get your pants off
6. GNRN – get naked right now
7. RUH – are you horny
8. CU46 – see you for sex
9. IWSN – I want sex now
10. GNOC – get naked on camera (webcam)

I'm kind of sad that I don't know a single one of these terms. I do, however, like the GYPO, GNRN and GNOC triumvirate and the need to have different variations of "Holy crap I can't show my peen right now because Mom is giving me cookies". Anyway, text these to your friends to see if anyone responds with anything other than '???', 'huh?' or 'wtf?'. [LFP via Neatorama]