Are Netbooks Too Small?

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About the only way a guy my size can use a netbook is with one hand. Seriously, those things can be super tiny. But what do you think? How small is too small?


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I can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. 42%
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I can't tell the difference between standard def and high def. 4%
It depends. 6%
I'm not sure. 5%

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I think that, for the most part, the biggest problem with the netbooks are their controls, namely the trackpad. I love my Macbook's trackpad because it's spacious and allows more control, compared to my previous laptop, which had a tiny 2x2 square to poke at. These netbooks seriously need to pull a Thinkpad and start adopting the toggle, much like the X200. It allows so much more control over the computer for the space given.

As for the sheer size all around, I think that they're damn near perfect. If you were planning on doing lots of typing, then you may have been better suited with a full sized laptop. To me, a netbook is something that I use for internet browsing, which does not actually require a great deal of text input, just enough to have moderate comfort when doing searches.