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Arrow Does the One Thing None of Us Thought It Would Do

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“The Candidate” has some standout action scenes—though when it comes to this season’s narrative, the show is still finding its feet. But then, near the end of the episode, Arrow does something we never even imagined it could do. You’ll know it when you see it.

The Sweet First Fight

The Arrow Team is after the Ghosts, and it’s a pleasure to see them work as the group. Every character gets a bit of fun, with Dig shooting down opponent after opponent and Thea doing her Ninja Gerbil routine, but the standout moment of the fight comes from left field. After multiple seasons of awful chemistry and bickering, Ollie and Laurel take off as a team. Laurel goes barreling after one of the Ghosts, jumping right off a roof and onto a support line that Ollie just put out by firing one of his arrows! Hawwwwwesome!


Oh, and an old friend of Moira’s that we’ve never seen before is running for mayor. She has a pretty daughter. Guess what happens.


Male Felicity

Felicity happily walks into her first day of work, goes to meet with the board, and finds a group of people so dour and drab and in such a darkly lit room that for a second I thought that they were all vampires. It seems that they have to cut a hell of a lot of staff to keep Palmer Industries going. Who is going to be doing that?


A computer genius with a subtly pink shirt. A wearer of glasses. A guy who, even with the sound off, you can see tripping over his words. His name is Curtis Holt, but he is so much Felicity 2.0 that I’m going to call him Exuberance. Or maybe I should just call him Terrific. And let’s hope he is, because Felicity decides that Palmer Technologies can just bleed money by hiring everyone back for six months, during which she’s sure they can come up with something profitable. That can’t go wrong.


Oh, and Lonnie Machin, AKA Anarchy, kidnaps the mayor-to-be’s pretty daughter so she decides not to run.

Laurel and Thea Are Now the Arrows to Watch

Thea has gone dark. Dark enough to break a drug dealer’s arm. Dark enough to attack Ollie. Dark enough to cover Anarky with chemicals and then set him on fire. Dark enough to wear shirts that don’t expose her midriff!


Laurel figures out that Thea has gone dark because she got brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit. And there is a long, lingering look, possibly the longest shot in the episode, right on Laurel’s face. Long enough for even the thickest watcher of Arrow (Hi, Guys!) to understand what she’s thinking.

What does Laurel do? She acts altruistic to Ollie’s face, telling him they’re going to a “spa getaway” to help Thea—then takes Thea to Nanda Parbat. But only after some good, old-fashioned grave robbing. (What’s the only kind of Robin Batman doesn’t like? Grave Robin!) Seriously, though, seeing them dig up Sara’s casket and Laurel rub it down like a Swedish masseuse was the second best part of the episode, after seeing Laurel jump off the roof at the beginning of the episode. How did Laurel become the best part of this show?


Oh, and Ollie’s going to run for mayor.


The Wig Report

In the flashback, Ollie’s infiltrating what appears to be an operation that uses slaves to grow drugs. Is it me or is Lian Yu a more popular island destination than Martha’s Vineyard?


As for the wig, I’m not going to lie. It’s not good. What, last week, was a tender little octopus caressing Stephen Amell’s head has lengthened into something that makes him look like either an ungroomed Afghan hound or an overstuffed scarecrow. And not a nice scarecrow. That mean scarecrow from Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark that nailed a cowhand’s skin on to the roof of the milking shed. Harold! You’re Harolding, Ollie. Pull it back.

But then something happens—he does. He pulls it back. The wig is gone. I never thought I would see this day. Never! The wig we have seen every single episode for three years is gone. It’s gone. In the final scene of the flashback, he’s got cropped hair!


And Alexander wept, for there were no more wigs to conquer.