Ars Technica are reporting Windows Home Server has already been released. Considering their source is Microsoft, this seems more than possible. The report details that the product does not have an official release date, but instead has already been made available to OEMs and distributors. Further, customers outside of the US have apparently received copies some days ago. The pricing details are as non-existent as the release date, as Microsoft's policies prevent them releasing a price directly. Hit the jump for more information.

A technical support team will be made available by August 27th, for the North American market, although no release date was given, we agree with Ars Technica; the date is indicative of Microsoft's plans. In short, this would suggest, given contractual stipulations for support, that Microsoft would anticipate the release of the product by the end of this month (within the US).


News has even been made available about pricing around the globe: The UK's ebuyer list price is £88.74 and Aquila Technology, in New Zealend, have it priced at NZ$253. A price point somewhere north of $175 seems likely considering these findings. Hit the link for the whole report. [Ars Technica].